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About KettleGirl Nuala

PE Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer.

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BA Hons In Physical Education
PGCE Secondary Physical Education
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Exercise to Music)
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Metafit Instructor
MetaPWR Instructor
Kettlebells Instructor
Bokwa Instructor

Gaelic football

Hi Everyone and welcome to my website. My name is Nuala Harvey and I am a PE Teacher, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and a health and fitness enthusiast. I enjoy working out and staying fit, eating lots of good food and finishing off the week with a nice glass of wine as a treat.

My passion for health and fitness has grown so much over the past 3 years and with this blog I hope to share with you all things close to my heart including fitness, food, wellbeing and much more. My mission is to help women who feel stuck in an unhealthy rut like I was and inspire them to readdress their eating habits and increase their activity levels to create a healthier, happier lifestyle that is ultimately sustainable. I want women, no matter what shape or size they are to feel good about themselves both on the inside and out and find inspiration through food and exercise.

My own health and fitness journey hasn’t always been straightforward. I was always very active from a young age through my passion for Irish dancing, sports and fitness. However, when I was going through my college years, exercise went out the window and junk food and boozy nights out took over. The weight soon crept on and a 6-month stint studying and working abroad was the final wake up call. I found myself having to buy bigger sizes in clothes, I developed adult acne and I started to feel depressed and self-conscious about my weight and appearance for the first time in my life.

I soon got back down to my normal weight, improved my skin and self-esteem by making very simple changes to my lifestyle. I started walking every day, improved my diet and found a new profound love for HIIT workouts and resistance training that I could do in the comfort of my own home.

It was during this time that I created KettleGirls FIT Camp. I wanted to do something alongside my teaching career to curb my passion in health and fitness a little further and help more women out there that were struggling. At that time there were no opportunities for women to train, motivate or empower one another in my community, so after getting myself qualified as a Fitness and Kettlebell Instructor I decided to start up a Kettlebells class for women only, hence the name “KettleGirls”. The response was incredible with the addition of many extra classes including

Metafit, MetaPWR, Exercise to Music, Circuits, HIIT, Outdoor Training and Female only Bootcamps.

I soon learned that women loved coming together, not only to train but to connect with other women both in person and through our online fitness community. The online aspect allows women to access all my healthy recipes, nutritional guides and home workouts to compliment the work they do in the classes. It’s also a forum where they can celebrate their successes and share their struggles.

To help even more women I have created a 28 Day Online F.I.T. Program with a combination of resistance training workouts and HIIT workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere without any equipment. The guide features 4 workouts a week with video tutorials within the guide. I have also created a full Nutritional Guide that covers all the guidelines that I follow in order to achieve the body and lifestyle I am happy with. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack guidelines, calculating daily calorie requirements, shopping lists and all my top tips and big no no’s to get the body you so want. I generally try to live by the 80/20 rule where 80% of the time I like to eat healthy by eating whole nutritious foods, and the other 20% I have the freedom to indulge as I please.

I truly believe part of starting your journey to health and fitness begins with seeing yourself how you want to be, believing it then going after it. My advice is to trust the process, eat clean, stay fit and have a glass of wine to stay sane.